Heartbreaking Scenes From This Weekend's 9/11 Remembrances

These photographs—of today's September 11 memorial ceremonies in New York City, Arlington, and Afghanistan—speak for themselves. More »

Watch Paul Simon Perform ‘Sound of Silence' at the 9/11 Memorial

Paul Simon was supposed to perform "Bridge Over Troubled Water" at the World Trade Center site today. He did "Sound of Silence" instead, not that we're complaining: NPR's Margot Adler called it "perhaps the most moving moment of the ceremony." More »

What We Talk About When We Talk About 9/11

How do talk about 9/11, ten years later? What stories do we tell? What ideas grab us? We made a word cloud of editorials from 15 prominent local and national papers to see what came up. More »

Bill Clinton Can Still Bring It

Bill Clinton, our most rascally of presidents, may have been out of office for ten years. But the guy can still bring the gravitas when he wants to—as he did today with his speech at the memorial to United 93, which was perfect in almost every way. More »

The Stars of 9/11: Where Are They Now?

The September 11 attacks placed all kinds of characters in the public eye, both making careers and ending others. Let's check in with some of the folks (and dogs) for whom 9/11 became a watershed personal branding moment, whether they intended it to or not. More »

Ten Good Things That Happened in the Last Ten Years

Most people would agree that the ten years since the September 11th terrorist attacks have been pretty shitty ones. War, disaster, and economic collapse have all seemed to come pouring out of the hole at Ground Zero as if from Pandora's box. But! Light! More »

Thanks, 9/11!

For the unlucky ones, the losses of 9/11—even ten years on—remain unspeakable. For the rest of us, in addition to mayhem and horror, that day unleashed a bevy of irritations and annoyances that continue to reverberate across the years—and are quite speakable. More »

Never Forget All the Tacky 9/11 Memorabilia

In New York magazine's 9/11 issue, Mark Lilla says, "The tragedy will be mourned, then trivialized, then commercialized, and then amnesia will set in." There are some tchotchkes that mourn, trivialize, and commercialize that tragedy all at once. More »

Against The Rising

Bruce Springsteen's The Rising has become, as the tenth anniversary of the attacks that inspired it approaches, the closest thing we have to an official soundtrack to 9/11. The problem with this is that The Rising is a terrible, bad, no-good record that cheapens us all. More »

The Mysterious Saudi Family That Vanished Two Weeks Before 9/11

Did you know that a Saudi family living in Sarasota, Fla., that met with 9/11 mastermind Mohammed Atta disappeared without a trace-leaving behind their cars, food, and furniture-two weeks before the attacks? Neither did Congress, or the 9/11 Commission! More »

The 9/11 Tapes

The New York Times has assembled and posted more than two hours of military, air traffic, and airline radio communications-some of it never before heard in public-from the morning of September 11, 2001. It is depressing and fascinating. More »

Would We Unite Again After Another 9/11?

Rudy Giuliani made a stop on The View this morning during his 10-year-anniversary media tour, where he considered a hypothetical: Would America be "ready" for another 9/11, in the sense that we'd put politics aside and unite as a country? More »

Joe Scarborough Honors 9/11 With Unspeakable Musical Crime

Joe Scarborough is so desperate for you to know that he's cool and plays guitar and likes Elvis Costello that he decided to defile the memories of all those who died on 9/11 with this horrible fucking song that will make you crack your teeth open with rage if you listen to it. More »

The Many, Many Film Appearances of the Twin Towers

The two monoliths of the World Trade Center were such an integral part of the New York skyline, that you didn't even notice them in the many movie shots of Gotham's majestic sprawl. Now, a decade after they fell, their presence in a movie scene is all you can see. More »

New Video of United 93 Crash Aftermath Emerges

CNN got its hands on new (or newly-public) video of the aftermath of the crash of United 93-the 9/11 hijackings' fourth plane, which crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers revolted against the hijackers. It's apparently the first video that the public has seen of the aftermath of the crash. More »