The closed-minded law enforcement officers of Arizona say the Phoenix Goddess Temple, a place where people donate money in exchange for sexo-spiritual religious services, is a brothel and not a church. Such mislabeling offends the sensibilities of Alex Averill, aka Zander, one of 18 people arrested in a recent raid.

Like many workers who face a sudden layoff, Zander, 23, seems to miss working as a temple "warrior"—which possibly involved having sex with "seekers," though he doesn't really go into detail. In this news clip, he, tears up when he says that being a warrior was something he knew what he wanted to do at a young age:

[There was a video here]

"Sacred information" is the equivalent of classified information in the sexo-spiritual realm. If your partner ever asks you if you've been having sex with all different kinds of people, now you can say "that's sacred information" and be off the hook.

The church sounds like it really tried to play up the New Agey bullshit as much as possible, with a "candle-lit Transformation Chamber," water- and Egyptian-themed rooms, and frequent musical appearances by Yonni, who is Yanni's distant cousin from Santa Fe. Besides its Phoenix digs, the church operated another facility in Sedona, which was also busted by cops. Both places were founded by an Alaska-born priestess (not Bristol Palin) going by the title Mystic Mother and charged between $204 to $650 per "root chakra" healing experience, which seems like a rip-off. [KPHO, ABC]