Failed presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty took to Fox News' innumerate dementia variety hour, Fox & Friends, this morning, to make some hot news: He's endorsing Mitt Romney — for president, of all things! And Mittens, in return, is naming TPAW one of his national co-chairmen. What else? Will they spend long weekends in the Poconos together, too?

As an asshole political writer, it is my job to say "this is hardly surprising" whenever anything happens, but it really is unsurprising this time! Romney and Pawlenty both won gubernatorial elections in their respective blue states in 2002 as part of a new class of conservative leaders who, at that time, still thought that the government should do things to fix problems, occasionally. And now Pawlenty, who pretended to be an ultraconservative during his presidential run, is supporting Mitt Romney, who is still pretending to be an ultraconservative during his presidential run, because he considers it important to stop the ultraconservative candidate, Rick Perry. Ugh. Stupid politics.