Jade Sanders and Lamont Thomas, a vegan couple from Atlanta, had their murder convictions—and life sentences—upheld in court today. Their crime: Allowing their six-week-old son Crown Shakur to die of malnourishment after feeding him a diet of soy milk and apple juice.

Sanders and Thomas were initially arrested in 2004 after bringing their infant to the hospital with breathing problems:

Doctors who couldn't resuscitate him determined he died because of extreme malnourishment or starvation.

Police searching the couple's apartment found a soy milk bottle, an apple juice bottle and a rancid-smelling baby bottle caked with debris.

At the 2007 trial, prosecutors said the soy milk cartons in their apartment stated that it wasn't to be used as a substitute for baby formula.

Both appealed the verdict; today, the Georgia Supreme Court unanimously rejected the appeal.