This two-minute video, taken by Utah State University videographer Chris Garff, provides more thrills, suspense, heroics, and stand-up-and-cheer elation than any movie Hollywood managed to fart out this summer. Watch in real time as a group of bystanders spots Brandon Wright beneath a car, his motorcycle in flames just inches a way. A half-dozen of them try to lift the 4,000 vehicle off of him, but it's too heavy. Then the crowd grows to a dozen, then larger still! Businessmen and businesswomen, construction workers, teenagers in backpacks, first responders, cops — they all just start appearing out of nowhere, and with all their might, they push, push, push! And the car budges! But it might explode at any moment! And then they drag Brandon out! It's absolutely amazing.

Unfortunately, Brandon is currently listed as in critical condition at a nearby hospital. Our best wishes go out to him. Let's hope this story gets the Hollywood ending it deserves. [KUTV, video via AP]