Kids these days should be thankful to even get accepted into a community college, what with the parents of kids these days having so little money to donate to the endowments of Ivy League universities. Unfortunately for kids these days, community colleges these days are way more crappy than expensive colleges these days. Sucks to be poor these days!

The NYT reports on a new study indicating that just as everything else in American society has drastically split into separate and unequal categories of haves and have-nots, so have colleges. Surprise!

Between 1999 and 2009, private research universities that enroll about 1.1 million students increased their education-related spending per student by about $7,500, to almost $36,000. But in that same period, education-related spending stayed nearly flat, at slightly more than $10,000 per student, at the public community colleges that enroll 6.7 million students, according to a report, "Trends in College Spending," being released Wednesday.

Let's keep at it until a community college degree is both as necessary and as worthless for obtaining a job as a high school degree is, shall we? Keep those kids out of the workforce a couple more years. Marginally more jobs for the rest of us to fight over! Delayed opposite-of-gratification! USA!

[NYT. Image via Shutterstock]