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For a "despicable," "slimy," "scummy," "lousy," "irresponsible," "treasonous," "dying," "sweatshop" of a web site that you'd never invite to your child's birthday party, Gawker sure does supply a lot of material for Fox News! Last night, RedEye picked up our item on a forthcoming New York Times story about how Barack Obama haz a sad.

Must've been a tough call for the producers: On the one hand, Gawker is a lying trashy irredeemable rag on account of our reporting on Bill O'Reilly's use of his local police department to run marital errands and Roger Ailes' spying on his own employees. On the other hand, a negative story about Obama! So be sure to never believe the things that Fox News quotes us saying.

[Video by Gawker intern Roger Cormier.]