Welcome to our weekly catwalk-contest quip fest. This is the place where we chatter together while watching the latest episode of Project Runway. Why not join us, if you haven't before? It's as easy as falling off a runway!

Here's all you have to do: Turn on your TV, watch the show (which airs on Lifetime at 9 Eastern) and post witty quips and observations about it in the comments section below this post. The rest of us will be doing the same. To get a feel for how it works, check out some great comments from our last live blog. Here are a few other notable moments from last week:

  • We spent many minutes marveling at the hideosity of Josh M.'s unbuttoned-to-the-waist tropical shirt, which commenter thekidscallmemom described as "Tom Jones meets Versace's ghost meets a swap meet."
  • When Josh's father told his son he had an angel on his shoulder, commenter The First Mrs. De Winter wondered if its name was "Chip."
  • Commenter Old Ocho observed this guest-judge/designer duality: "Rose Byrne is the Australian who can do a very good American accent, and Oliver is the American who can do a completely artificial British accent."
  • As Viktor constructed a gown using an inkblot-patterned fabric, commenter bytemehard described the moment as "Horshack makes a Rorschach."

Speaking of notable things from last week: Fashion Week recently played host to the Project Runway Final Collections show, pictures of which are posted online if anyone wants to sneak a peek at them. Obviously, you shouldn't click the link if you consider viewing these collections to be a spoiler—even though most of them were decoy collections staged to avoid giving away the real finalists. Having seen them all myself, I'll share just two quick observations: 1. This dress, IMHO, was the best entry from any of the collections. 2. I think Olivier has an eyebrow fetish. Maybe he should join this group? And speaking of spoilers, if you want to see who may (or may not have) won the Project Runway All Stars check out our spoilers post.

I also looked at a few preview clips of the upcoming episode, so here are a few things to watch for as we live-blog tonight:

  • The contestants will work with nine guys to design dresses for their wives or girlfriends, which should be interesting. Have there have ever been nine straight men together in one room on this show before?
  • This will be one of those "real women have curves" episodes that give the designers fits. At one point, Olivier will ask, "What are double D's?" and he won't look happy when he learns the answer.
  • One of the men will motorboat a mannequin. This is the sort of thing that happens when you let nine straight guys into the workroom, I guess.
  • This week's guest judge is hot blonde actress Malin Akerman, who will draw on some of the hot-blonde-actress fashion wisdom she gained from her training at the Parsons School of Fashion Appreciation for Hot Blonde Actresses.

Sound like a good one? No? Well, it probably will to some of us after we've had a few drinks. I'll get started on that now, and meet you in the comments.