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Think Team Trump wouldn't use his meeting with Rick Perry last night to greatly and farcically exaggerate his power over the Republican presidential contest? No, of course you didn't think that. Anyway, we just want to confirm that it happened.

It was ABC News' Topline that gave Trump consigliere Michael Cohen the prominent platform he was seeking, a platform that somehow doesn't laugh him off the set when he starts spewing out hilarious shit like this:

"If he does get behind whoever the candidate may be, what's going to happen is that individual will basically lock up the Republican nomination," Cohen said on ABC's "Top Line."

Cohen called Trump the "godfather of politics" and said that the real estate mogul and reality television star's die-hard fans will "follow him to wherever he goes."

And you know what would be a great venue for such a determinative endorsement? The season premiere of The Celebrity Apprentice early next year. Maybe they've thought of that!