Here's a little forensics test for the Encyclopedia Browns among you. A woman is dead. The killer is a McDonald's soda fountain. That's all we know — so how did it happen? (No cheating. And no helping the others if you already know!)

  • A) An employee shook the fountain to dislodge some ice. She shook it too hard, however. In a freak series of events, the fountain tipped forward, the employee slipped backwards on a soda spill, and the fountain landed squarely on her skull. She was killed instantly.
  • B) A malfunctioning nozzle built up gas pressure inside the fountain until it suddenly exploded, sending shards of metal and plastic in every direction. A customer died from hemorrhaging.
  • C) The woman was a McDonald's employee who was electrocuted by a frayed wire in the fountain's electrical system, sending a deadly current through her body.
  • D) The fountain emitted a stream of carbon dioxide through the walls and into the bathroom, where the woman was found unconscious. She died later in the hospital.
  • E) The woman was over 350 pounds. She visited the McDonald's twice a day for 17 years, ordering a Super Sized Coke each time. She had a fatal heart attack, and now the family is suing.

Talk it out! When you're ready, the answer is here.

[Photo via cafemama's Flickr]