The night of August 27th must have been bittersweet for Robert Jeffrey Young and Mark Rubinson, of Denver, Colorado. It started around 11pm, when Young stopped in to see his old friend Jeffrey Jarrett, who was going to let Young couch surf at his place for a while. But Jarrett was dead when Young arrived.

However, Young (top picture) didn't call police. According to the Denver Post, the pair loaded Jarrett's body into Rubinson's SUV, and the two living friends headed in to Teddy T's bar and grill, presumably to have a few drinks in Jarrett's honor, and on his ATM card. Then the night got even better:

"Young stated ... that it was obvious Jarrett was dead while all three are at Teddy T's," Denver Det. Ranjan Ford wrote in the affidavit.

They next stopped at Sam's No. 3 before dropping off Jarrett's body back at his home. But they kept the ATM card.

Next stop was a meal at Viva Burrito, and then they somehow withdrew $400 at Shotgun Willie's, remaining at the Glendale strip club until closing time, Ford writes. It's not clear from the documents if the pair had Jarrett's ATM code.

Around 4 a.m. authorities say the pair flagged down a Glendale police officer and told him that Jarrett might be dead back at his house.

Young and Rubison are charged with "abusing a corpse, identity theft and criminal impersonation" according to the paper, but both are out on bond. I don't really see what's so wrong about this. Sure, taking their pal's money might be a little sleazy, but he's dead! And besides, at least they spent it on lap dances and burritos and booze.

[Images via Flickr/hopefulnebula; Denver Police]