Here's a trailer for Premium Rush, the New York thriller movie that features Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a fast-pedalin' bike messenger caught up in some gnarly intrigue. Whoa, man, slow down!

So bike messengers are the fucking worst? Sorry guys, but they're the fucking worst. Blasting through red lights, biking the wrong way up one way streets, weaving through traffic as if they are invincible but then angrily crying for more bikers' rights when one of their dumb asses gets hurt or, sigh, killed. They're terrible! They give a bad name to other, safer bicyclists in this, and other I'd imagine, city. So that's my bike messenger rant. Controversial, I know.

All that brings into question whether we want to watch a thriller movie that puts a bike messenger firmly in the hero seat. I don't know that we do! I mean what's next, a movie about the heroics of a cruel subway employee? The daring and noble adventures of Dick Fuld? Jerks are jerks, and who wants jerks? I don't know that anybody wants jerks.

That said, JGL is a total dream bucket, as is Dania Ramirez, so sure, we'll see this. And hey, there's ex-Real Worlder turned junk actress Jamie Chung doing her thing. So this movie has some positives going for it. But still... bike messengers, man. Fuckin' bike messengers.