This tween TV star's naked photos got someone on her show fired. This celeb had sex with multiple ex-girlfriends in one day and this actress ruined her face with plastic surgery. From nude photo scandal to plastic surgery scandal: this is the life cycle of the modern actress.

1. "This underage female star from a children's network (not Disney) made the mistake of taking questionable photos of herself on her cellphone to send to a male coworker. Someone on set found them on her found after snooping through her cell, and decided to turn her in. When he turned her in to one of the execs, the exec fired the employee promptly for snooping. The fired employee thinks the photos were taken for the exec because of his reaction." [BuzzFoto]

2. "This takes some moxie. I guess this guy is a celebrity. Maybe reality star would be better? Producer? In the world of reality he is an A+. Big name recognition. Anyway, he also is quite the womanizer, but even for him this might set a record. He has a steady girlfriend. He calls her in the morning to say he is running late and goes over to an ex-girlfriend and has sex. He then calls his girlfriend to say that he can make lunch. They eat lunch and then drops out of their planned shopping trip and says he will catch up with her at dinner. He then goes to another ex-girlfriend's house and has sex before joining up with the current girlfriend for dinner. Oh, and of course this will be a reveal. It has to be shared with the world." [CDaN]

3. "Which perky All-American actress has had so much cosmetic surgery that producers on her comeback film added a clause in her contract that she can't get nipped or tucked until after the movie's release? She's desperate to make her way back to the A-list, but movie execs fear when the film comes out no one will recognize her on the big screen." [Blind Gossip]