The Metropolitan Police knew for years that the Sun had hacked into teen British murder victim Milly Dowler's voicemail, but sat on the information because they were in cahoots with England's tabloids. It wasn't until the Guardian broke the Dowler story that the police finally investigated the hacking in earnest. Now the cops want to know who ratted them out.

The whole sordid News International phone hacking had been simmering ineffectively for years before the Guardian blew the story wide open with the Dowler revelation. That scoop led to the unraveling of a massive conspiracy between the tabloids and Scotland Yard, with cops going to work for the papers and editors going to work for the cops and everybody comfortably keeping quiet about the lawbreaking and lies going on under their noses.

So naturally now the Metropolitan Police want to compel the Guardian, under court order, to reveal the identity of the source that upset the apple cart and screwed up their gig.

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