Curious college student Luciana Reichel thought it would be funny to add Visine to her roommate's water bottle a la Wedding Crashers, in which Owen Wilson added Visine to Bradley Cooper's wine—and made him super-sick. Well, sometimes life really does imitate art, because Reichel's roommate—just like Cooper's character—also became super-sick!

Last week a judge sentenced Reichel, a 22-year-old attendee of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, to 90 days in a Wisconsin jail and 30 months of probation for her fun little prank, which the state treated as one felony count of "placing foreign objects in edibles." (We assume this is the same law that makes putting needles in the Halloween Snickers bars and apples illegal, so don't do that, Cheeseheads.) When Reichel was arrested back in February, The Smoking Gun reported that she had Visined her roommate's water several times and "laughed" with a friend about it—even though the roommate had begun "feeling nauseated, suffered from diarrhea, loss of appetite and was otherwise very tired for no apparent reason." Reichel's confidant was more alarmed than amused and told the roommate, who crashed the prank by calling the police.

When she gets out of jail and finishes her studies, Reichel would like to be a nurse.

[Post Crescent, Smoking Gun. Image via Shutterstock]