If you're acrophobic, then this video of a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy being lowered out of an airborne helicopter by a thin cable to rescue some canyon climbers trapped on a cliff side will probably freak you out a bit. But rest assured, there's a happy (if somewhat incomplete) ending!

At first, the dauntless deputy dangles his legs from the side of their hovercraft over the empty expanse of certain death hundreds of feet below. Then he's lowered down by his sturdy cable toward the climbers and spins around and around in the air (if you're not prone to hyperventilating during airplane rides or terrified of Ferris wheels, this part of the mission might actually look like fun to you). He hooks his government-issued Save-U belt around one of the climbers and lifts her up to safety, as smooth and professional as can be.

We don't get to see the deputy rescue a second climber featured in the video, or a third climber who's not in the frame. News reports affirm that he saved them as well.

[YouTube, via ABC]