Anything goes at Fashion Week, including this teen star puffing on cigarettes and necking with a much older man. This Twilight actress may be anorexic and this pair of celeb couples is on the outs because one wife is cheating with one husband. That's so in fashion these days.

1. "What way under legal age C+/B- movie actress from several hit movies was spotted at Fashion Week chain smoking cigarettes and making out with some guy who looked to be in his thirties. Where are the parents?" [CDaN]

2. "One person made an observation about how skinny the models are at Fashion Week and said something like, 'If I wanted to look like that I could never eat.' A Twilight actress who was there said, 'I only eat once or twice a week, and my last boyfriend said I should lose even more weight.'" [CDaN]

3. "Which two celeb couples may soon be embroiled in a scandal? The superclose group spent holidays and vacationed together for nearly seven years, and now rumors are swirling that one of the hubbies and his best pal's wife are involved in a heated twosome." [Blind Gossip]

4. "This B+/A list movie actress kept people waiting at an event for her for almost 30 minutes. Why? She was busy yelling at her assistant for not bringing the right shoes and made her assistant go back and get them. Oh, the best part? The audience would only be able to see her feet for the 10 seconds it took for her to get to her seat." [CDaN]

5. "This A list everything actor made his significant other come to a huge event with him even though the A list everything was just caught cheating. The rumor is our actor even paid for the significant other to be there so as to not embarrass the actor or have people ask questions." [CDaN]

6. "These celebrity friends—one a B list musician, one an actress—have been hanging out more and more. Recently one of them discovered that she was pregnant and wasn't sure who the father was. In reality, the husband is her friend's husband." [BuzzFoto]