Shocking and sexually thrilling news comes today that Robert Pattinson, shimmer-skinned vampyr hero of Twilight, is recording an album! Of music! How exciting.

Now, Bobby Patentleather is no stranger to the music scene. He's already recorded songs that sound like this and this — he's got a kind of whiny, blurry Ryan Adams thing going that isn't entirely unappealing. But this would be his first real full album of his own jams, so it's a pretty big leap to be taking. That said, the title of the album is of chief importance. Album titles matter and they are not always easy to get right. For every A Ghost Is Born there's a Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. But don't fear, Bobby P. I have some suggestions that I think could work.

  • Cedric Diggity
  • Jacob Have I Loved
  • When the Dawn...
  • In Utero (There's a Vampire Baby I'm Going to Eat Out of You)
  • Sweet Eddie Cullen's Freaky Forks Fuckdown

I think those are all perfectly viable suggestions! But, just in case, I think you guys should give him some too. Have at it!

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