It's such a hassle to go to the drug store and search all the aisles for beer, ping-pong balls, and condoms so that you can get wasted, play beer pong, and then have a regretful, half-flaccid hookup with some poor someone. Now one drug store is putting them all together for your convenience.

This is the Duane Reade Frat Boy Express store on Columbus Ave and 75th Street in Manhattan, where the shelves are stocked with everything you need for a Sigma Tau reunion party in your Upper West Side apartment. Looks like they really want to put the ho back on hoegarten. Zing! But seriously, folks, you should see the end of the aisle, where they put the Alka-Seltzer, bacon egg and cheese bagel sandwiches, and Plan B for the next day.

[West Side Rag]