When Canadian truck-driving man Ken Anderson was only 15 years old, his parents "abandoned" him, he says. Dad died, and mom Shirley barely stayed in touch over the decades. Then one day she realized that Anderson and his siblings should each start paying her $750 every month. Because of all the sacrifices she made. And the love she gave.

In 2000, Shirley sued her kids under a section of the British Columbia Family Relations Act that makes kids responsible for taking care of dependent (i.e., elderly or ill) parents. The logic behind this statute is that the government doesn't have to take care of people if their families are doing it. It does not account for shitty and neglectful parents, however, which is why some reformers have pushed for changes to the law.

Earlier this week, Ken Anderson asked for his mother's suit—now going into its 12th year—to be dismissed. "I just wish this nightmare would disappear," he told the press. Of course, one way to end the dispute is to start handing over that cash. Just give up that money like a mom gives up her children, if she truly loves them.

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