Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge since she up and married Prince William, is pretty and poised and seems to the manor born. Well, to us commoners at least. To the royal family she still needs work, so she's taking royalty lessons.

The Telegraph reports that Middleton, who has only performed one official Duchess Duty since returning from her trip to Canada with Wills, has been meeting with "experts on government, the arts and the media" to help train her for her many important royal responsibilities. This is a "marked contrast" from what Diana went through when she started doing her royal thang, which was no training whatsoever. So either the royals have learned from Diana's dreadful, near-feral ways, or a party supply heiress isn't quite as cut out for the crown as it may seem.

Either way, better get studying, Kate! Those Advanced Crumpet-Holding tests aren't going to pass themselves, nor will Commoner Shunning come easy without practice!

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