As part of the TSA's efforts to stop black women from always trying to board airplanes with their hairdos full of explosives and boxcutters, an agent at Atlanta's airport made Dallas-based hairstylist Isis Brantley submit to a thorough Afro search. And a free head massage! Security checkpoints are the new spas.

Due to the invasive and apparently aggressive nature of the agent's technique, Brantley didn't really find the rubdown to be all that relaxing. "[S]he was digging in my scalp," she told NBC News. "I was outraged ... I was humiliated. I was confused." A TSA statement says the agent offered Brantley the chance to be Afro-searched in private, but Brantley disputes that claim. A supervisor at the airport apologized for the incident.

While agents searched Brantley's (apparently) gravity-resistant hair, 10 men with bags full of loaded guns and pocket knives boarded their flights.