According to the calendar, this is the last summer's eve of 2011—the perfect occasion to get that clean, fresh feeling that live-blogging Project Runway can bring! So join us in the comments while we discuss tonight's episode—and keep the good times on your mind!

Here's how the freshening process works, in case your mom hasn't explained it to you: We all watch tonight's episode (which airs at 9 Eastern on Lifetime), and post a series of pithy observations about the show in the comments section below this post. We also make up nicknames, play drinking games, make fun of Heidi's outfits, talk about what kind of day we've had, and basically do whatever the hell we want. After all, we're in the privacy of our own homes!

To get an idea of how it works, you might want to check out some comments from last week. And speaking of highlights, here are a few from our last live blog:

  • We made many jokes about vaginal mesh—25 of them, in fact! (I counted.) You see, there was this ambulance-chasing-lawyer commercial, and... Oh never mind. You had to be there.
  • When Olivier claimed that "boobs … are trouble," commenter gerbilsoutofexile retorted: "Au contraire, Stupid Hair!"—a phrase that has such a nice ring to it, I think it should become the new "Now way, Jose!"
  • Commenter bread_and_potatoes noted that we need to come up with a good "hate hashtag" for Josh, much like our well-used #shutupgretchen tag from last season. #fuckoffjosh, maybe?
  • Saxon 212 delivered the following Michael Kors-worthy critique of Anya's dress: "If Gone With The Wind was filmed in Trinidad, those would have been the curtains."

On the subject of Kors, by the way, here's a quick heads-up: Sometime before this season ends, I plan to hold another "Kors-style runway putdown" (KSRP) contest vote like we did last season. This means I'll be scanning your comments for witty, Kors-esque descriptions of the designers' looks—comments like: "That looks like she fell asleep in her dogsled on the way to an Eskimo hooker parade!" Well, better than that, hopefully, but you get the idea. In a future live blog post, I'll list a few of my favorites as nominees for "best KSRP," and we'll all vote on a winner.

So while you're figuring out how to bet your best Queen Tangerine-quipping groove on, I'll quickly run through a few things to watch out for on tonight's episode:

  • Tonight's challenge will be to dress members of a rock band called The Sheepdogs. And like their namesakes, these guys are hairy—so much so, in fact, the designers should avoid spending too much time on their collars, because they probably won't be visible.
  • It's an all-male band, so this will be a menswear challenge! Expect lots of badly tailored pants with crotches that are insane.
  • The guest judge will be Adam Lambert. Josh, your eyebrows have finally met their match!

OK gang, the live blog will be starting soon, so this would probably be a good time to run freshen up before the party gets started. I'll see you down in comments!