I don't know how many times we have to go over this, people: when you're planning a murder, do not announce that fact on your Facebook page. Just find satisfaction in the murder itself.

America's latest Smartest Criminal in America is Brooklyn's Woody Borgella, who admitted this week to shooting his girlfriend to death after an argument. (His Facebook page has now apparently been wiped clean, but his Myspace is still up.) "She accused the unemployed security guard of sleeping around, and he accused her of helping herself to his beloved marijuana stash," according to the New York Post. He did not strategically use the power of social media to help his cause.

A Brooklyn thug posted ominous rap lyrics about murder on his Facebook page just three days before he allegedly blew away his girlfriend.

"I smell murder when the wind blows," wrote Woody Borgella, 29

Save that stuff for Twitter, guys.

[Photo: Myspace]