Reverse magnets! Dog robot! Cramped fish! Hair story! Cell swallowing! Cool science! Space storm! Fake planets! And studying abuse reveals that everything she said was true! It's your Friday Science Watch, where we watch science—with soul!

  • You got a magnet? I got an antimagnet. Your move.
  • Are you familiar with BigDog, the walking quadriped robot? No? Well you wouldn't be interested in this, then. Forget it. Forget this ever happened.
  • When you take pet fish and put them into a small, cramped aquarium, they turn mean. Same exact thing that happens to people when you put them into a small, cramped aquarium, with the help of powerful hydraulic pressure.
  • One single piece of Australian Aboriginal hair tells an entire story about the history of human migration. "It all started back when my great, great, great, great..." the hair will say, as all its grandkids start sneaking away. They've heard this one before.
  • Oh shit. This story about cells trying to eat a huge nanotube fiber and then gagging on it reminds me of your mom.
  • Can scientific research really be "sexy and cool- and very funny?" Well, let's see. Are you feeling humorous now? Now? Now? How about now? Now? Sexy? Now? Now? Cool? Now? Now? Now? Now? Where is my grant money? No.
  • Space Storm! It's a storm in space! Space Storm! Killin all the human race! Space Storm! It's comin for you! Space Storm! What you gonna do?
  • I have my doubts about these so-called exoplanets and brother, I ain't the only one.
  • Study: "Abusive men likely to repeat violence if attraction to women is superficial." That's what she said! To the police.