New York City is the world's greatest cultural melting pot, so it stands to reason that its police force would be a beacon of tolerance and understanding. Right? Sorry. It turns out some NYPD officers may be racist.

"What?" says Amadou Diallo. "I am shocked," chimes in Sean Bell's ghost. But yes. A new wiretap related to the ongoing investigation into NYPD ticket-fixing reportedly picked up some "conversations rife with racist and inflammatory remarks," according to the NY Daily News. The specific remarks aren't divulged just yet, but they "will surprise and upset people," which is saying a lot, considering what the average non-white New Yorker already assumes to be that status quo of NYPD in-house conversation.

"That's how a lot of cops talk," said one source. "The difference here is, it's all on tape."

Bring on the transcripts, fuckers. After those rape cops got acquitted, the public is very ready to crucify you. Justifiably!

[NYDN. Photo: AP]