A hacking group took over USA Today's twitter account this weekend and did absolutely nothing fun with it at all. Why do hackers who gain the power to screw with hundreds of thousands of people have to be such humorless famewhores?

The hacking group The Script Kiddies took over USA Today's verified Twitter account for a few minutes on Sunday. All they did was tweet some requests for people to "like" them on Facebook, as if they were a new brand of organic snack food or something. The Script Kiddies have a history of wasting opportunities: When they hacked NBC News' Twitter on September 9th they tweeted unfunny, barely-legible fake reports about a terrorist attack on Ground Zero.

Come on, hackers, you can do better than that. Why not announce that USA Today is restructuring to become a Justin Bieber fan magazine? Or tweet at random USA Today reporters telling them they're being reassigned to Tajikistan? Script Kiddies: Next you hack some big news org's Twitter account hit us up and we'll spitball some ideas.