We all know the economy is bad, but how bad is it? So bad that New Yorkers can't afford to shovel blow into their faces like its closing night at Studio 54. Damn, that's really bad. But is it true?

According to data from NYU's Langone Center of Excellence on Addiction there has been a decline in the number of cocaine overdoses and the number of people seeking rehab for cocaine, which must mean New Yorkers are doing less coke which must mean they're doing that because they can't afford it. Right? That's a lot of assumptions to make. Can't it just mean that they're getting better at doing coke and keeping their addictions in check? As a wise man once, "There's no such thing as a drug problem with enough money and enough drugs." Anyway, are you going to trust any study from NYU that says the disco snow is going out of style? Have you met an NYU student? That's what I thought.

Still in 2006 there were 478 deaths associated with cocaine and only 274 last year. There were 9,654 in cocaine rehab in 2006 and only 7,693 last year. So, yes the numbers are going down. That just means there's more Bolivian marching powder to go around for everyone else!

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