The early glimpse we got of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises was troubling, but not that troubling. Well, get ready to be actually troubled by new production photos in which we see the full pussy.

Um, that was really gross even for me! What I'm saying is that there are new photos from the set in which we see Hathaway bedecked in her full Catwoman regalia, and oh holy Pfeiffer there seem to be ears. Ears! In one of Christopher Nolan's dark and weirdly realistic Batman movies. (Not realistic, realistic, but not comic booky like Tim Burton's Batman or fluorescent acid-farty like Joel Schumacher's.) That is probably not good? I mean, the Hathaway factor alone is worrisome — why not Paula Patton or Rosamund Pike or, hell, Katherine Moennig? — but Hathaway with little rubber cat ears, straddling a giganto-wheeled motorbike? Yipes.

Of course we all said "Him?" when Nolan cast Heath Ledger as the Joker, and we all know how that turned out, but this Catwoman stuff seems to make even less sense. Nolan's films have mostly succeeded because he took out all of Batman's inherent camp (we are talking about a confirmed bachelor who lives in a stylish mansion with two other men and wears tight bondage gear for fun, after all) and replaced it with a grim kind of grittiness that makes us feel like we're experiencing something rather profound when we're really, at root, just watching another superhero movie. I worry that Catwoman's silly ears, worn by the inherently goofy Hathaway, will provide too much disbelief to suspend.

Or maybe they're just ears. [IGN]