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A pair of Houston police officers are being investigated for eating from a tray of pot brownies they confiscated from a teenage stoner, then chatting about getting "so HIGH...good munchies" on their in-car computer. KTRK reports:

After allegedly eating the pot brownies and arresting [19-year-old Nicholas] Hill and two others, the officers went downstairs to their patrol car and started typing on their in-car computers.

The city saves all those and we have them:

At 2:44 in the morning one officer—we aren't naming them—writes the other, "So HIGH...Good munchies"

The other writes back, "Everything should be open when we get done."

First officer: "Two hours, max."

"Probably, but this will take the whole shift."

Another transcript reportedly read:

So h i g h

Chatting about being high on a computer that exists solely to create police transcripts strikes me as something only a deeply, powerfully "h i g h" person would do. The department is "investigating" the cops. The case against the 19-year-old repeat offender still stands. If he ends up escaping charges, it'll be a Harold and Kumar-esque coup: Pothead hero saves the day by getting various authority figures high.

In other pot brownie news, did you know the new issue of High Times Medical Marijuana is the "Incredible Edibles" issue, featuring the likes of artisanal cannabis truffles and golden pineapple upside down marijuana cake? Ever since the face of marijuana became a little old lady with rheumatoid arthritis, stoner culture has taken a turn for the Martha Stewart. [KTRK, Houston Press, High Times]