[There was a video here]

I was just watching the Livestream of the Occupy Wall Street protests (I'm too lazy to actually visit the protests, 13 minutes away) when who did I spot but Susan Sarandon! She chatted with protesters and was interviewed by a CNBC writer.

In her conversation, Sarandon, who is involved in a bunch of activist stuff, offered the protesters some advice about having a clear aim:

Just to be against wall street, there's too much going on. If you can figure out something that has a positive end to it, that's a constructive criticism. Maybe finance reform. Something that can actually be followed through.

Then a cop walked up and pepper-sprayed her for no reason! Kidding. If they did that and someone put it into a viral video on the internet, Wall Street might actually collapse for real, because the only thing Americans love more than capitalism is celebrities that were popular in the 80s.