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Here's a trailer for the thriller Man On a Ledge, which is about a woman in a ditch. No, just kidding, it's about a man on a ledge.

Well, actually, I think this movie is about Sam Worthington's haircut? What are we calling that particular hairdo? It's sort of a mullet, but also sort of not? I mean it basically looks like Elvin from The Cosby Show's hair. Or like one of the guys who just stood around and did nothing during the pinball scene in The Accused. It's not a good look, is what I'm trying to say. Not as distracting (in this trailer at least) as Tom Hanks' bizarre and mysterious (will that mystery ever be solved?) Da Vinci Code ferret pelt, but still sort of a head-scratcher.

Anyhoo, other than that what's the picture about? Oh you know, wrongly convicted guy goes out on a ledge to distract police while his friends break into a place to prove he didn't steal a di-a-mond from Ed Harris. That old yarn. Elizabeth Banks seems to play a hotshot policewoman tasked with getting Sam Worthington a new haircut off that damn ledge. "Get offa that ledge!" seems to be every other line in the movie. And that's perfectly OK.

Likely there are some twisties and some turnies in this, because that's what movies do nowadays, so that could be intriguing. Sam Worthington is everywhere all the time right now and yet it's still hard to pin him down. This weekend I saw The Debt and Last Night, two very different movies that he is in that in theory show his range, and he's still such a cipher. I mean, I guess there's something there, an underbite-y anger mixed with a tough guy softness, but mostly he remains fuzzy and vague. I'm not sure this movie will do any more to illuminate who this accidental movie star is, but just in case it's probably worth a looksee.

Oh plus there's Jamie Bell who is great and cute and yay!