Just this summer, the government finished building a 2.8 mile long, $11.6 million border fence near Nogales, Arizona. Alas, drugs are still getting into America. But how???

Lt. Gerry Castillo of the Santa Cruz County Metro Task Force said his office is looking into a case that began in July when investigators discovered a number of oddly shaped bundles of marijuana during a seizure at an undisclosed location...

That's when investigators decided that the packages had likely been passed through the fence, which features interconnected, concrete-filled steel tubes with an approximately 4-inch open space between them.

That's right: the endlessly creative and almost incomprehensibly devious drug smugglers across the border walk up to the fence and push their bundles of drugs through the hole, in the fence. Ta-da. Well, I can't conceive of any method known to man that would stop such a thing; a Border Patrol spokesman said "blocking the space between the bars with material like steel mesh would be unproductive because smugglers would just cut through it."

Same reason it was dumb to build the fence itself. (And Arizona.)

[Nogales International via AP, photo via Daniel Lobo/Flickr]