Hey, has anyone seen Mike Hunt? He signed up to comment at yesterday's Los Angeles City Council meeting, but when a councilmember summoned him to speak, nobody responded. Maybe he was out getting sandwiches with his BFs Mike Hawk and Mike Rotch?

Wait, why are you laughing at me? I'm just trying to figure out what's going on here. Although LAist posits that Mike Hunt might not be a real person, the Internet tells us that several Michael/Mike Hunts actually live in metro LA. This might not be a prank at all, but a minor breakdown of the democratic process. What if Mike Hunt had planned on presenting ideas to resolve LA's ongoing housing crisis? Guys, stop it! This is serious.

It's possible that yesterday's no-show was the same Mr. Hunt featured in this (circa 2008) compilation of council meetings excerpts: a guy who enjoys using his cit-comm minutes to bark and ramble incoherently about local dog parks and dog poop. He seems to share a balaclava with his friend from Venice, who repeats the name "Mike Hunt" so many times during one meeting that an LA city attorney reprimands him for such "disruptive" behavior. Yeah, people who repeat themselves are annoying.

There's also an African-American man d/b/a at Mike Hunt who has spoken at LA City Council meetings while dressed up in a KKK outfit. Could have been him.