Not more than a week has passed since a Florida man sustained injuries in a shark attack, and already the lettuce porn fetishists at PETA have come up with a new ad campaign commemorating his memorable seaside experience. Now he can add "muse" to his resume.

The ads, titled "Payback is hell," are supposed to promote veganism and also sensitivity to fish. They're inspired by the recent experiences of Florida fisherman C.J. Wickersham, who was fishing with his friends when a bull shark went and bit him in the thigh, causing a 15-inch gash and exposing his thigh bone. Wickersham deserved to be attacked, because he was attacking the fish. Hopefully he's spent his time in intensive care coming to terms with his behavior and shaking down hospital staff for PETA funds that the organization can use to create more ads making fun of him.

"We are very glad that Mr. Wickersham is going to be ok, but we do hope that this painful and frightening experience makes him think about the pain and fear that he's causing to fish—and other fisherman are causing to fish," campaign director Ashley Byrne told Bay News 9. You can be sensitive to fish, or you can be sensitive to humans, but you can't be both.

[Bay News 9. Image via Miami New Times]