A Redditor has dug up a comment thread on Officer.com—an online forum for the law enforcement community—in which several forum members crack jokes about all the pepper-spraying that went on during Saturday's Occupy Wall Street protest. One man's burning eyes is another man's source of laughter, as the old saying goes.

As the Redditor notes, the comment thread begins with a post titled, "Dirty stinky hippies in NY dont like how theyre treated when they azz up." The author of that inaugural post links to a Huffington Post page featuring several videos of the day's confrontations—including the video in which the cop identified by Anonymous to be NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna pepper-sprays several female protesters being quarantined behind an orange net. "Yeah...I love how the chick just falls to her knees and starts screaming!," the commenter writes. Seriously, who doesn't love watching videos of people crying in pain? (Answer: Girls, wusses, cat ladies.)

Chiming in from "Bigfoot Country" is a commenter who says:

Those are great, the creaming kids are a hoot. I'm going to watch some more during football breaks. I'd love to see fire hoses employed, it would clean them up and clear the streets and sidewalks for traffic. We'd miss out on the entertainment though.

That was probably supposed to be "screaming" kids, but you get the point. (There are no fully functional S buttons in Bigfoot Country, because Bigfoot stepped on all the keyboards and broke them.) Blasting people with firehoses is hilarious, ha! Also a great stress reliever, though the dirty stinky hippies whine and complain whenever you try to give them any kind of bath. It reduces the potency of their "pachuli oil crap," as one commenter calls it (accurately, we must admit).

Although the loathsome protesters are annoying and deserve to be sprayed and maced and taken down, they do serve one use: helping officers make the cha-ching. A cop from NYC comments, "I got 14 hours cash money off those savages. Hopefully they can keep it going for a few more weeks my gas guzzling SUV needs new tires." LOL treehuggers.

Of course, these opinions aren't shared by every police officer in America, or even in New York City. In fact, protest organizers claim to have received "unconfirmed reports" that "over one hundred blue collar police refused to come into work in solidarity with our movement." Though unsubstantiated, the claim isn't completely implausible: Some officers really do take the whole "protect and serve" stuff to heart. Unfortunately, their efforts are often overshadowed by those who pepper-spray without provocation or laugh about such acts.

[Reddit. Image via AP]