Ah, posting comments and watching Project Runway, they just naturally go together, like pigtails on a rock singer! So why not let down your braids and jam with us while we live blog Project Runway tonight?

Here's all you need to do, if you haven't joined this gig before: 1. Tune your TV to tonight's episode, which airs on Lifetime at 9 pm Eastern. 2. Use the comments section below to post a running commentary on the episode as it unfolds. 3. Whip your braids around in a frenzy of excitement! Well, if you have braids, that is. Otherwise, just whip around whatever's handy.

Here a few memorable moments from the frenzy of excitement that was last week's live blog:

  • Last week's challenge featured the designers making duds for the band The Sheepdogs. Commenter borucaintexas wrote a four-word review of their music: "Like Creedence, but bad."
  • Just 15 minutes into the episode, commenter bread_and_potatoes made this prescient prediction: "When Olivier leaves, Tim's not going to hug him...He may give him a pat and lean over, but that's it." Seventy minutes later, that's pretty much exactly what happened.
  • Several commenters sensed an eyebrow-love connection between Adam Lambert and Josh M., whose respective pairs of eyebrows seemed to carry on a deep, meaningful eyebrow-conversation across the runway.
  • During the commercial breaks, we discovered that there is something in the universe that is even more unbearable to listen to than Zooey Deschanel singing about cotton. And that something is Kate Bosworth singing about cotton.

I've collected even more hair-whipping highlights from last week's live blog. When you're done reading those, check out these things to watch for on tonight's episode:

  • For the second week in a row, the designers will have to make '70s-era fashions—something we already know they're all hopeless at doing. If the show's producers are trying to make us miss Gretchen, it ain't gonna work.
  • Anya will lose her money in Mood! I'll bet Swatch stole it. I've heard that dog has a taste for expensive sunglasses.
  • The guest judge will be socialite, former The City star, and Gawker punching bag Olivia Palermo. If you've never heard of her, all you need to know is that she's (1) pretty and (2) a quasi-celebrity—the two leading qualifications to be a Project Runway guest judge these days, it seems.
  • Michael Kors will let out a long scream—a moment that, as commenter Fry_Bread_Power noted last week, looks and sounds amazingly like the Annoying Orange's scream.

You know what else is gonna be a scream? Tonight's live blog. So let's get to it! I'll see you down in the comments!