Warner Bros is developing a show just to be watched on Facebook. It's called Aim High and it's about a kid who is secretly a spy. That's cool, right? Well, they're also going to pilfer your Facebook account to make you like the show even more. Yes, you'll be on the show!

Directed by esteemed art house auteur McG, the show will not only show you the adventures of Nick Green, a high school student turned spy played by Twilight's Robert Pattinson Taylor Lautner Kellan Lutz Jackson Rathbone, but the music on the show will come from the music in your playlist. When there's a picture in the background, your face will be on the poster! When his accomplices are listed, you'll see pictures of your friends from your photos! When he hooks up with some hottie, it's going to be your girlfriend. Isn't that awesome?

Well, I don't really think so. I think it's kind of creepy. I think that all those little details in the background would distract me from the action or it will be like one of those personalized voicemail recordings where they lady says, "I'm sorry, [your name] can't come to the phone right now," but she doesn't say your name, you do and it sounds so weird an awkward and out of place. But I get why the Facebook Generation, that thinks every moment of their lives should be documented and even movies and TV shows should be all about them, will love it and all be tuning in on October 18, when the show premieres on Facebook. Me, I think I'll skip it. I watch TV so I can think about something other than myself, for a change.

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