Patrick Graves, a 51-year-old father of three, committed suicide on Thursday, locking himself in his car and shooting himself once in the head in front of coworkers after learning he'd lost his job.

Graves, the Pioneer Press reports, had worked at Goodrich Corp. in Burnsville, Minn. for three years, braze welding for "sensors and sensor-based systems for the aerospace and defense industries." He was reportedly struggling with depression and dealing with financial problems, and received an unexpectedly poor job review on Monday. Even so, his daughters say there was "no indication at all that this was coming."

His youngest daughter, Lauren Graves, 15, said she'll remember her father most for the love he gave to his children. She and her sisters always knew they were loved.

"Even with what he did - that doesn't affect his heart - that's just an action he made," she said. "I don't want that to be...the last memory of him or who he was as a person because that was not his life."

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