Rob Kardashian has some juicy gossip from your mom's favorite show, Dancing with the Stars: one of the couples is doing the horizontal mambo. This producer paid for his lover to get rid of a pregnancy and this singer is paying the paparazzi to take her picture. She needs to get on Dancing with the Stars.

1. "Dancing with the Stars contestant Rob Kardashian is making a bombshell claim that a married celebrity on the show is having an affair with their married dance partner. The reality star made the shocking comment Thursday morning on Mojo in The Morning. Rob said, 'I know some of the couples on the show-some of the celebrities that are married … and some professionals that are married, that are having an affair with their partner.' Rob wouldn't name names, but made it clear that he is not hooking up with his partner Cheryl Burke saying, 'I'm not bringing that weirdness into our little circle.'

Rob later took to his Twitter account to try to mitigate some of the damage: 'As you guys can tell by my tweets, I tend to joke around a lot, and some of the things I said during an interview were taken out of context. I have nothing but respect for everyone who's on DWTS. They know it and I know it and we all have a lot of fun together.' It doesn't sound like he was joking to us. Which Dancing With The Stars couple/s do you think are getting a little too close?" [Blind Gossip]

2. "This B list R&B singer who has suffered silently as the mistress of this A list producer/celebrity for years seemed to indicate that the relationship has ended. She was overheard telling someone that, 'He paid me off. Not enough, but he paid me. I should have made him pay for that baby he made me get rid of.'" [CDaN]

3. "For years this Academy Award winner/nominee actress has supported her basically unemployed husband. She has found him work, got him meetings, and given him tons of money. How does he repay her? He gets a little success and then starts cheating on his wife with someone half her age." [CDaN]

4. "This former almost A list R&B singer is now closer to C. She is struggling to stay relevant and has spent a great deal of money promoting herself. Recently she has started paying paps $300 a day to meet her at certain times of the day to get 'random' shots. They are so posed and ridiculous that paps are having a tough time even giving them away to the tabloids, but keep showing up for the money she pays." [CDaN]