There's news swirling around that this might be the last season of greatest television show ever made (there is no arguing that) The Simpsons, ending its historic twenty-three season run. Why? Well, because of money of course.

Fox, which has aired the show since 1989 (aka since kids who just graduated from college were born), is reportedly asking the actors to take a 45% pay cut, as ratings have dropped over the years but production costs have grown. The actors, who make about $8 million a year, say they'll take a 30% cut and a portion of the vast backend money, but Fox doesn't like that one bit. They've been stiffing the voice cast for years on the lucrative syndication and merchandising money, and they're not about to start paying up now. In fact, they're threatening to up and just cancel the show rather than meet the actors' demands.

So yeah, it's possible that The Simpsons might be over. And while in recent years it's become a crude facsimile of its once-great self (seasons 3-10 are just about the greatest, best, most wonderful things ever made), it's still a shame to think it might finally go quiet. It's an institution! And it's being torn down because everyone wants more coin. Stupid old money ruining yet another thing. Lisa would be so disappointed in you guys. [Daily Beast]