The most shocking thing about this starlet making out with her makeup artist isn't that she's a lesbian, but she was hooking up with the help! Also, there is loads of intrigue on your mom's favorite show, Dancing with the Stars. Seems like everyone is kissing and making up.

1. "Which A-list starlet was spotted at the Toronto International Film Festival making out with a well-known female makeup artist? The actress, who's been linked to her last two hunky co-stars, didn't care that her lady lip-lock was seen by at least a dozen Hollywood insiders!" [Blind Gossip]

2. "This guest of a [Dancing with the Stars] contestant was back last night because the woman he was cheating on with while he was with the contestant dumped him. So, he ran back to the woman he dumped because he was dumped. The contestant had no idea. Well, maybe now she will if she reads this." [CDaN]

3. "This male [Dancing with the Stars] pro and female pro are currently tied at four hookups with contestants each. I just want to know if they had any while__________________. Oh it is like a Mad Lib." [CDaN]

4. "This [Dancing with the Stars] contestant made waves in the past week alleging that married pros were having affairs with married contestants. He said this after he hit on an attached pro and she turned him down." [CDaN]