Here's a new, more detailed trailer for Steven Spielberg's War Horse, a sentimental drama about a boy in love with a horse. Not like, love love, not the love that dare not neigh its name, like fraternal love.

Spielberg remains obsessed with the dreamy adventures of boyhood, and so it's understandable that this novel (later turned into a successful stage play) would call out to him. This longer look at the film is heavy on the soaring music and sappy uplift, so we're probably not going to find anything quite as grim or photorealistic as Spielberg's great war movie Saving Private Ryan. This is a movie for younger folks, in the vein of My Friend Flicka or Old Yeller or The Yearling. Boys (and girls too, probably) love their pets and the gain and loss of them symbolizes a coming of age and all that stuff. A bit dull, really.

But at least there are explosions and guns and all that!