In yet another dark chapter in organized-Amish-crime history, The Wheeling Intelligencer is reporting that members of the Amish community near Bergholz, Ohio, are under investigation by at least four sheriff's departments for a string of recent break-ins in Amish homes. Every time, the victims' hair and beards were cut off.

In Holmes County, a group of Amish men allegedly burst into a home and cut the hair off men and women inside and cut the beards off the men.

Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said there was an incident in Trumbull County about three weeks ago in which a group of Amish men and women from Bergholz went to a home in that county and cut the hair off men and women inside. Abdalla said hair from the victims was brought back to Jefferson County to prove to Sam Mullet, the bishop of the Bergholz group, that Mullet's orders concerning the hair cutting was followed.

This makes The Amish Eight's decal-related crimes seem positively tame by comparison. [The Wheeling Intelligencer, Image via Shutterstock]