In your weary Thursday media column: a fun cokey journalism blind item, Steve Jobs makes the media work, plagiarism at the Examiner, micromedia evolution, and layoffs are coming to the BBC.

  • It's time for a saucy media blind item! WHICH "psycho" editor at a British newspaper's US operation is the subject of the following little story making the rounds in London: that during said editor's last trip to the States, his (allegedly coke-induced) maniacal ways forced not one but two separate employees to physically collapse at work? Furthermore, the story goes, "half the NY staff are currently on anti-depressants." Well. That's about normal. Journalism is glamorous!
  • The death of Steve Jobs has forced several media outlets to do extra work! So that they may make more money off of it. The publication of an upcoming Steve Jobs biography has been pushed up by a month, to October 24; and Time magazine got to literally stop the presses, which was probably secretly a lot of fun for the editor that got to make the call. In any case: cash in now, media. We're all going to be dead sick of this by next week.
  • The funniest thing about this item detailing plagiarism by barrel-bottom content factory is that Examiner's only apparent plot to avoid plagiarism charges is to misspell words.
  • The evolution of micromedia: first there was the NYU campus paper. Then there was its antithesis, the website NYULocal. Now there is "FakeNYULocal," the Twitter feed. Next? Simply a fleeting whisper in the wind.
  • Two thousand job cuts are coming to the BBC in a cost cutting move. Is yours one of them? Well, first things first, do you work at the BBC? Then yes.

[Stock photo of "psycho" via Shutterstock]