A hair stylist in the U.K. has opened a salon especially for bigger-boned clients. Apparently plus-size women don't like going to regular salons? Is that really helping or is it part of the problem?

Trim Bashar Brown (which is the perfect name for a guy who cuts hair) says that larger women hate the hair salon because the chairs aren't wide enough, the smocks don't fit them, the hair washing sinks aren't big enough for their enormous necks, the mirrors are forcing them to look at their own heft, and the clientele is full of skinny bitches judging them. His salon has bigger chairs, fewer mirrors, larger sinks, and ample, flowing gowns made of yards and yards and yards of the finest hair-resistant nylon so that his larger clients will never have to be shamed again.

I get how a hair salon could be uncomfortable, but when you get there and you no longer fit in the chair maybe it's time to, you know, think about slimming down a bit so that you can do something normal like getting a haircut? Being overweight is fine, but when you get to the size where everyday activities become a major inconvenience, isn't it time to consider making a change rather than demanding that everyone else change?

[Image via Shutterstock]