Looking for a bad-ass time? You've come to the right place! Our commenter live blog of Project Runway is about to get started, and this party is more bad-ass than a plaid ass!

And that was one bad plaid ass on the pants Josh made last week, wasn't it? A sad one, too. A sad, bad plaid ass, as Dr. Seuss might say. But your ass is about to be a happy one, because you'll be live-blogging with us any minute now! Here's how it works: We all turn on our TVs and start watching tonight's episode (which airs on Lifetime at 9 Eastern). Then, as the show unfolds, we post witty and observant comments on what we're seeing in the comments section below this post. Before long, m(ass) happiness ensues!

Before talking about what's in store on tonight's episode, I want to mention two things: First, commenter tastylikes created a video during last week's live blog, and I can't stop watching it. Who knew that two screaming orange things could be so mesmerizing?

Second, you may recall my mentioning a couple weeks back that, like last season, I'd like to occasionally run contests here featuring Kors-Style Runway Putdowns—which are live-bloggers' comments about the designers' looks that sound like the kind of quips Michael Kors is famous for. Last week, Josh's magenta-and plaid abomination produced so many great comments that I decided to devote an entire contest this week to KSRPs about that one outfit. Here are the nominees:

  • This-Is-Not-a-Username: "It looks like a poor man's Liberace out horseback riding."
  • ludditesque: "If his model was ever lost in a snowstorm, the guys in the helicopter would spot her with no problem."
  • Capt.Snarky (on the magenta top): "It's very ‘barmaid on the Starship Enterprise.'"
  • unclevanya (on the plaid pants): "They aren't even Rhoda Morgenstern—they're her sister Brenda."
  • angstcafe (on Josh): "He needs to treat his fashions like his eyebrows and pluck away some of his ideas."

So be sure to post a comment tonight that identifies your favorite KSRP from the list above, and I'll tally up everyone's votes and reveal the winner next week.

Of course, there were hundreds of other funny comments last week, a sampling of which I've collected here. Here's what we can :

  • The designers will have to create fashions inspired by a bird theme. Too bad Anthony Ryan just got eliminated—as far as I'm concerned, he already won this challenge with the birdseed dress he made in Week 2.
  • At one point, Kimberly will jump up on a table and scream in terror. I'm guessing she'd just seen Josh's latest fabric-pattern combination.
  • The guest judge will be Calvin Klein designer Franscisco Costa—who, apparently, "enjoys photographs of Lauren Hutton and Charlotte Rampling from the 1970s, particularly ones which have them posed in close proximity with ponies and stallions." I'll bet you didn't know that about Francisco Costa, did you? Well, now you do!

OK kids, it's time for all of us to pose ourselves in close proximity with our computers and televisions, because this live blog is about to get started. Let the ass-happiness commence!