Selectively senile media magnate Rupert Murdoch has set up a special "hotline" for staff to report any "illegal activity" they spy around the various News Corp newsrooms. Which of course raises the question: Is the hotline tapped? And if so, will Murdoch-owned tabloids be the first to get scoops on News Corp employees who are about to be arrested for their shady journalistic practices? Because that ouroborosian arrangement could keep him in scandalous headlines for years to come.

But fret not, lowly, underpaid News Corp employees: Your reputation and freedom are now not entirely in the hands of a nosy receptionist with paranoiac tendencies:

"News Corp promises to give legal support to those who wrongly accuse a fellow employee. "If you make an honest complaint in good faith, even if you are mistaken as to what you are complaining about, the company will protect you from retaliation," its policy states.

Let the witch hunts begin! [Independent, Photo via Getty]