Katarzyna Lenert would like to represent the good people of Poland in parliament—but first she would like to imitate the most famous scene in Basic Instinct and then slowly remove her clothing to the seductive sounds of jazz, in a campaign ad, because ... sex sells, and she's pro-business?

Maybe we're just being dense, but we can't put our finger on the racing pulse of Lenert's message here. Seems like it go one of several ways:

  • I will serve the needs of my constituents. Please visit me during office hours. Appointment necessary.
  • Vote for me, and I will screw you over, sexxxily.
  • I'm that dash of spice that will heat up the cabbage soup that is Polish politics.
  • I'm one hot tamale! Except I'm not a tamale at all, I'm Polish. I'm a hot pierogi.
  • Cicciolina is my idol.
  • I will never turn the lights on in my parliamentary office, and will therefore help conserve energy.
  • I don't really want to be a politician, I just wanted to make a YouTube and see if it would go viral.

Not to be anti-feminist or anything, but we're gonna say that parliamentary candidate Jedrzej Wijas's demonic death metal ad is more successful than Lenert's because Wijas communicated his message and platform more clearly. If Lenert adds some textual cues relevant to her positions on things (not her sexual positions but her political ones) then maybe we'll reconsider her grade in political advertising, but as for now she gets a D for "Disrobing without cause."

Oh, and we're allowed to make dumb pierogi jokes because we were born with Polish genes. Dzień dobry.

[via Wonkette]