Here's an interesting little "factoid," meaning "discriminatory outrage of Apartheid proportions:" in the year 2011 in the world's most free country (USA), many airlines do not allow bulldogs to fly. I mean, sure, those six bulldogs were indicted in connection with the 9/11 plot, but let's not paint the rest of them with such a broad brush, okay?

Besides, everybody knows that the bulldogs to be scared of are the big, mean, fighty bulldogs that like to bite. Those could sure do some damage, running wild on a plane. "Get. These. Muhfuhn. Bulldogs. Off my plane!" Samuel L. Jackson would exclaim, before one of the bulldogs sunk its teeth into the soft flesh of his neck to the delight of moviegoers.

Well this isn't a movie, folks; this is an outrage. Because according to the NYT, even those fake little French bulldogs can't ride on many airlines, which is just, like, what? Oh—because they die.

The breeds, which also include Persian and Himalayan cats, have smaller openings to their noses and elongated soft palates on the roofs of their mouths, which make breathing more difficult for them, veterinarians said. Those breathing problems can be magnified in stressful situations like air travel, and further exacerbated in extreme heat.

Right, very convenient. Isn't it true, sir, that the real reason you ban these creatures from your precious planes is nothing but common dogscrimination—or, if I may be so bold, dogcism? What's that? You insist that it's so they do not stop breathing and die? Well, agree to disagree.

I think the media's most influential dog, Miss Beasley, can fly wherever she damn well pleases.

[NYT. Photo of Miss Beasley: Twitter]